Friday, February 8, 2008

Lucky you? Or, Lucky me?

The other day I watched Lucky You, the movie featuring Eric Bana (as Huck Cheever) and Drew Barrymore (Billie Offer - - what a name).

Huck, a compulsive gambler meets Billie, an innocent local girl. It was not your typical love story, as it gave so much information on the game Poker. If you are not familiar with the game, you will need to listen closely to understand what the movie is about. Huck was an emotional poker player who was very good with cards, but whose life was in the pits. Living in the shadow of his dad, LC Cheever (played by Robert Duvall) who was an all time Poker player guru that never gave in to make his son win. As much as the movie was a love story, it was about father-son relationship.

At one of the poker games, a scene made me think about the whole game of cards : Which gives you an edge in real life : your lucky cards? Or, your skill? Is luck enough to make one succeed? Or, can skill compensate for one's lack of luck? Which would you rather have??

A lesson that Huck learned towards the end of the movie was about giving (in), in order to gain something even more. At the final poker tournament, he realised this. This brought him to his real love, finding out for himself about what really matters to him : Billie and gaining his "control in life" back.


Constance Chan said...

hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog.

Max said...

Hello you,

I must say that I absolutely love Eric Bana!! What an actor! Robert Duval is the artist!

I haven't watched this one yet; but I can say that poker is not my thing!

Now you got me curious about this movie!


Gorgeous Traveller said...

Hi Constance!

Hi Max!
You should watch it! But it would have to be on a night where you're relaxed and calm, coz its not something you get action out from! Eric Bana's such a cutie! :)

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