Saturday, February 23, 2008

Queens Victoria and Elizabeth in Sydney on 24 February!

... the ships, that is!

On sunday, february 24 both Cunard ships will be meeting at Sydney Harbour. Queen Victoria, who is on her maiden voyage, would be heading on to cruise the Tasman Sea before docking at the port of Brisbane on February 26. Meanwhile, this is Queen Elizabeth 2's last voyage and last visit to Sydney. She is currently circumnavigating the world before heading to her last port of call, Dubai, where she will retire and stay to be one of UAE's resident tourist attractions.

Queen Victoria's the newest and second largest liner in the Cunard fleet. While Queen Elizabeth 2's the oldest serving liner in the Cunard fleet, before she retires.

The last time two Royalties, Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2, were in Sydney Harbour at the same time was about 12 months ago. My friend and I went to Woolloomooloo to watch last year's much anticipated occasion. City traffic was bad, and we walked all the way from our place to see the event. It was well worth it. The siren went off when they met, and it was just such a fabulous sight. I'm sure tomorrow traffic will be bad as well, and people will flock to the wharf. I will be there again. Together with hundreds of other people wanting to catch a glimpse.

I will definitely be at the harbour tomorrow waiting. I can't wait!


Drowsey Monkey said...

Wowser! That's huge! That's a fantastic perspective.

Gorgeous Traveller said...

It was really a pretty sight! I guess living in Canada doesn't really allow much of these ships to visit right? Unless you live in Vancouver I suppose?

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