Sunday, February 24, 2008

Charming Beads available!

Sometimes I am a really creative person wanting to be free... Although for now, those moments all just remain as attempts. Part of being a girly girl is all about wanting pretty accessories that only you would have. Something that I would be able to wear proudly knowing that I made them myself. At times when I feel creative, I would be so hyped into wanting to create my own accessories and jewelries. I would go as far as researching about beads , charms, semi precious stones, tools and all that I could possibly need. I would go looking around for hours surfing the net and imagining product samples in my head. I would even compute for how much beads I should order as well as how much I could possibly make if I actually sell them to friends and relatives!

I envy my friends who patiently make their own jewelry. Which reminds me, I need to share with them about the great website find that I discovered : Lallette. Here, they have an extensive collection of charms, beads, semi precious stones, pendants, mother of pearls and even pouch bags!

Every once in a while I get these bursts of creativity in me, and I know one day I will go ahead and push through with ordering beads, charms, kits and all that. And when that happens, I know that I can find these all at Lallette.

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