Tuesday, February 5, 2008

E-Commerce, the way business is supposed to be

Are you an e-business owner?
Are you technology-challenged?
Are you looking for the most affordable solution to sell your stuff online?
Are you after the leading provider of shopping cart software ?

Then, you are ready to visit Ashop Commerce! They are THE leading provider for hosted shopping cart software in the United States. Being one of the top companies offering this service, one would think that their rates are high up. But really, for AUD 69.95 a month one is actually getting a very good deal. Imagine being able to sell 50 products with 50MB web space, up to 10 email accounts with your domain name, provides site statistics, SMS notification, etc. And if this is not enough for you then you can upgrade to an unlimited account.

For me, the key selling factor here really, is having a user friendly and easy shopping cart software that will help me reach my goal : which is to sell my products. They can even help me with designing my logo, improving my website, AND submit my site to search engines to maximise my earnings!

I am relieved and appeased by the fact that should I encounter problems with my shopping site, Ashop Commerce has a live support tool that can assist me along the way. The company's support doesn't stop when you join them, but rather they are with me all throughout my business transaction. How good is that?

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