Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crazy Eights

I've picked this up from Mummifiedtimesfive

. . . . . . . . Eight things . . . . . . . .

Things I’m Passionate About
..Everything about travel (Hotels, Cities, Culture, Airplanes, etc)
..Park Picnics
..My Job
..My Family and Friends

Things I Want to Do Before I Die
..Do a round the world cruise!
..Spend a month on an island sans technology
..Visit my must see cities at least once in my lifetime
..Go on a hot air balloon ride
..Go on a safari
..Kayak around an island again (well, for a few more times)
..I want to live in a vineyard in Italy for a month
..Travel the world with my immediate family their children and grandkids

Things I Say Often
..and all those sort of things!
..See Ya!
..Iiiieee.. (thats not even a word!)
..Just let me know!
..Wake up!
..I am sleeeepppiee...

Books I’ve Read Recently
..Shopaholic and Baby
..Undomestic Goddess
..PS I love you
..Boy meets girl
..The Notebook
..Tuesdays with Morrie
..Archie :) :) (not a book i know!)
..and more Archie!! :)

Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over
..Sting's or Eva Cassidy's Fields of Gold
..Sarah Maclachlan's Angel
..Usher's Can you help me
..Enrique Iglesias' Her0
..Louis Armstrong's What a wonderful world
..Bruce Springsteen's Secret Garden
..Peter Gabriel's Book of Love
..Anggun's Snow on the Sahara

Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends
..Sharing common interests
..Their sincerity
..Fun times we have together
..Crazy ideas we come up with together
..They know what makes me tick
..The bond we share which lasts thru any weather
..We are each others strength and weakness

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