Sunday, October 7, 2012

My personal word of mouth marketing

While it's true that when a person has had a bad experience he/she is most likely to share it to a friend or relative it's equally true that experience will be shared when it's a good one. I for one see to it that I let friends and family know of my good experiences. I have a good meal at at restaurant, I tell them about it. I find a good bargain at a mall, they'll surely know about it. I'm always careful not to say negative things about a service gone wrong or a food that isn't so satisfying. All too often you hear people say company A are a bunch of crooks or product B is a total ripoff without even justifying them with an explanation and that's very damaging. In my opinion, personal word of mouth marketing is very powerful. So much so that companies focus on putting a good word on their products and services. It's good because then you know competition is tough and competition can only be good for the consumers.

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