Saturday, May 3, 2008

Do you get days like this??

Today am missing hubby a lot. I haven't seen him for about a week now, since my family's been here and we're busy travelling, ( and me working during some days of the week. )

Tomorrow we're meeting up for lunch and will hear mass with my family. Before heading to church he said he's got a surprise for me! And that we were going somewhere :) He's told me that a few days ago (when I was out of town) and it's kept me wondering until today. Well I accidentally checked his email and there it was! The surprise was right smack on the header of his first mail. (*sigh*) I know. So much for the surprise. I didn't SEE it for real anyway. I just found out what it was. I can't imagine IT so technically I'm sure I would still be surprised. (*YEAH Right!*) Don't you just annoy finding out about surprises before they happen, before they are given to you?? And then on the day they give your surprise to you, you would have to act surprised for the fear of bursting everyone's bubble of excitement waiting to see your face at that special moment..... Oh well, I will be having that 'look' tomorrow. I hope I can pull it off. Well, he could read it here anyway down the track. Hehe :)

Anyway, today am just feeling so missing hubby. I guess its not helping that I'm playing my drama songs over and over on my playlist.... I can't help it! Don't you think it's hard living in the same city and not seeing your lover for a week? And that week just passed you by so quick cause of so many factors. Oh well! I'll see him in 12 hours! Wippeeee!

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