Thursday, May 15, 2008

That One Person

In Life, sometimes, that one person who can inspire you can be the greatest person who can discourage you or unmotivate you, as well. And I'm not talking about hubby now.

I was sharing my dreams and ambitions and plans with this one person (or two), and somehow they consciously or unconsciously try to manipulate me into their plans for themselves and eventually my life. It's hard as it is to make one's life work the way we want it to. But to have people around you, unknowingly (or whatever) impose things is even harder. Confusing when you know they only want what's best for you. But then, the words or suggestions or comments (sometimes unsolicited) just find their way into my head, and little do they know these words bear so much weight. I guess it's really up to me as to how much effect I will allow these words/thoughts and all that to matter to me. At the end of the day, I know, it is me alone who will decide. But just the same, it is really confusing and frustrating. Makes me think whether I'm being selfish or whether I don't have that much confidence in myself. To think I've come a long way from that driver-driven, sheltered, dependent little lady that I used to be when I was in Manila.

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