Tuesday, April 29, 2008

..Thoughts on thoughts..

Are there times in your life when you can't seem to hear what you're thinking? Either you can't hear yourself because you're thinking too much? (I know at least one of you could understand me here) ... Like too much noise and clutter going on around you. Either coming from within or with the help of your immediate surroundings?

Wouldn't it be a nice place to live when we can spend blissful afternoons at the very least once a month, at a place called Heaven. No one to bother us, no unhappy thoughts, no cold or hot weather but just perfect temperature throughout, no news on war, poverty or hatred. Wouldn't it be nice?
Life life life... What's on your mind now? Mine's just all over the place. :) Oh weeeelll it's one of those days :D

I am going on a 3 night early weekend getaway with my family. Off to the Gold Coast and Moreton Island. Moreton should be fun. It is considered to be the third largest Sand Island in the world. (FYI, Sand Island meaning the whole island is just made up of pure unadulterated sand). Will be heading off to Movie World as well. So much planned. So much to do.

Happy labour day weekend to some of you out there! :)


Mummy Sheng said...

enjoy your trip! you and your family will surely have fun!

Raft3r said...

enjoy your vacation!

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