Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am such a GG fan! Alert for Possible spoilers

I watched the season finale of Gossip Girl last night, and I was on my toes! It's a shame the season is over! No more episodes to look forward to every week! Oh well! I still have to look up when the next season begins again.

This last episode was when Bart and Lily got married. I even visited their wedsite here, I didn't RSVP though! Haha! And it's the episode that Serena and Dan broke up! :X I reckon they will get back together though. They are such a lovely pair! It's also the episode on Blair and Chuck's beginning and end love-story. And of course the shortlived visit of Georgina (who knows she may be back!). There's also the blossoming relationship between Nate and Vanessa. Last but not the least, of course, is the love affair to end all love affairs between Lily and Rufus! I am know I am rooting for Rufus!

What I like about GG, is that they don't keep their audience hanging for too long. Within the same or next episode some things get resolved, people confronted, or issues ended (only to be opened again). Unlike Lost, wherein it is already in it's fourth season, but there are still countless and endless questions and mysteries. Oh well, I still watch Lost just the same. Sawyer is so cute! Hubby goes on saying that I like the bad boy type. I tell him no. Maybe just those who look like they are bad but really they are sweet and gentle as an angel (?!).

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