Wednesday, May 21, 2008

South Coast Weekend Getaway

Last month I went to Bulli for three nights, and it was one of the best holidays to date. Not because we saw so much, or done a lot of activities, but really it was just sooo relaxing. I'd do it again if I could.

Here is a photo taken by hubby on one of the nights. Not the clearest one as we didn't have our tripod with us. Nonetheless, still enchanting. The beach, with the moon and its reflection in the water. Should you wish to check out some more of my Bulli photos, click on my Coriander Dreams entry.


Mummy Sheng said...

just visiting you today! take care!

btw, thanks for the comments!

Gorgeous Traveller said...

Hiya Sheng.. Thanks for ur visit too! :)


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