Friday, May 16, 2008

Small Luxury Hotels Photo Contest

As much as I am a traveller, I am a photographer wanna-be as well. I need to work on the latter though as I am so not a techie person! But even so, I still would be entering this Small Luxury Hotel photo contest! :) I think I have a few nice captures myself. I'd just have to ask hubby to check on the technical aspects (eg, size, MP,etc).

About three weeks ago a colleague has won any 3 nights at any SLH (Small Luxury Hotel) property anywhere in the world!! (I am SO jealous!) Imagine if she chose to stay at Casa Del Mar in Mexico, or Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives, Six Senses in Thailand, The Oberoi in Mauritius, or Lungarno Suites in Florence, or any where at all!

And then this SLH Photo contest came along through email! I've got a one in a million chance now! :D Oh well am doing it for the fun of it anyway! By the way I've got myself a two night stay in a property in Australia to use anyway! So I should be happy!
Just thought I'd share this one with any budding photographer out there. (Share me one night if you win okay! Kidding!)
(Photo taken from SLH Photo Contest website)

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