Thursday, May 15, 2008

I want A Simple Life

Does everyone aspire for a Simple Life?

Sometimes it feels as if there is no such thing. As life is composed of intertwined lives, which is driven by complicated personalities. No matter how simple a person is, when they cross paths with a complex person, they are forever changed. And no matter how much the simple person tries they are involved now.

I don't really feel the need for an Iphone, but I have one. I was already satisfied with my black and white old nokia phone when I was gifted with a complex Iphone. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful.

I was happy with my point and shoot camera, but then I was introduced to my now precious Canon 40D. I am happy using this amazing gadget and my photos are never the same now. All I'm saying is that I was happy with my old Sony Cybershot in the past.

Life can be tricky sometimes. We have the choice, and sometimes we choose to live a simple life in a complex way, either by choice or half trudgingly. Either way life goes on....

1 comment:

Mummy Sheng said... can be simple with all these technologies!

i'd love a new camera, but still deciding what to get.

take care!

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