Thursday, May 8, 2008

Online accommodation deals

So much for wanting a holiday all the time, I find myself always searching for great deals accommodation websites, anywhere in the world. I suppose that is part of my job, career, passion or simply just a one of those things that one automatically does, like checking email. I just always am on the look out for websites such as It's just so much fun finding bargain rates for holidays or special nights stay perhaps at Hotel Venice, Hotel Florence or Hotel Naples. Wherever you are in the world, it is always just nice to come across sites that have photos, essential travel information and of course a website that is reliable and secure. Besides, I do have quite a number of friends scattered all over the world (US, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Singapore, UK, France, Canada, Philippines, etc) that for sure if I find a real good one I would let them know, or if the price is right maybe even get it for them.

My parents' wedding anniversary is up in a few months time and I am on the scout for a good deal somewhere north or perhaps south of Manila. I still have to save up though! With all the expenses and travelling that I've been doing with my family here I am sure I will need to ask my other siblings to chip in on this year's gift to mum and dad.

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