Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am such a travel agent. When I went to visit the Sydney Observatory this month I took a photo of this map! :) A cool map if I may say so.

At work, I have a few maps on my desk. Different sizes, colors and perspective ( I have a political map even!)

I guess it comes with the job.

I collect brochures as well. I think I could fill up a room just with my brochure "collection". I sometimes mean to throw away the old ones but I just end up taking too much time deciding which to keep and which to throw, that I end up just...keeping them all!

I collect postcards as well. I've collected a few from my travels, but sadly I've left most of this in my memorabilia bag in Manila. I do hope to be reunited with them one day...

I collect fridge magnets! I just love the different shapes they come in. I have one the shape of a backpack, another the shape of a slipper. I have mountains, sharks, among others. It's good my fridge is quite big to accommodate them all. Sooner rather than later I may have to buy a whiteboard to collect them in.

What have you been collecting recently? Do you feel attached to them? I remember the feeling of being in a particular place when I see my fridge magnets. I am amazed at how creative some of these stuff are.


Big Eyed Nurse said...

I am such a part of the norm. I used to collect stamps. Actually it was my uncle who gave me his collection when I was still in elementary but after a year, I stopped. Now I'm still part of the norm. I collect key chains. I think the number is up to 150 already. I also have a couple of different paper bills. My favorite is a 20 something (forgot the currency name) from Kenya. :-)

This is Val by the way. :-)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i love fridge magnets too, but I don't have many of them coz I don't travel that much.

Mummy Sheng said...

just visiting you today!

Gorgeous Traveller said...

Hi Sheng and HipnCoolMomma,
Thanks for dropping by! :)

Hey Val,
Wow 150 is a big nbr! Cool naman I have never held a Kenyan bill/money :) Have you been to Kenya?

Big Eyed Gal said...

Nope I havent' been to Kenya. It was from my uncle. :-)

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