Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just what I needed (or Wanted)!

I opened my email this afternoon and saw that Virgin Blue and Jetstar both have special sale fares!!! It is because it is the end of the financial year! Meaning, people will be getting their tax rebates and so more money to spend on whatever....

I am so tempted to go somewhere again... Hubby has been wanting to go to Fraser Island (Largest sand island in the world!) again! Me, I would just like to go anywhere we haven't been to. As soon as I saw my email, I could not concentrate anymore and so I called my lovey and he's given me the go signal to "research" flights (and possibly book) a trip to anywhere in Queensland. The problem would most likely be with dates and leaves though. We are both saving up our annual leaves at work (for possibly to travel back to Manila end of the year). Plus, our anniversary falls on a wednesday, meaning the middle of the week = more leaves required.

It is so tempting though. I might need more hours to fiddle with dates and cities to travel to. I might leave it for the weekend, to check this *exciting* sale. Do check them out on Virgin Blue and Jetstar's website should you be looking for great deals to travel to Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, New Zealand, etc!
P.S. Shall keep my blog posted with future (wishful thinking) travel plans!

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