Saturday, June 28, 2008

How lovely the French windows are in Mauritius (Creole food better tho!)

During my trip to Mauritius I found how lovely the influence of France on that little Indian Ocean island! All the way from their language (they do speak French and Creole), to their cuisine, to their interesting French towns, the lovely French windows, their wine .. Having been occupied by the French for 100 years (from 1710 to 1810), they sure have adapted to their colonizers. The French must have left such an imprint on the people, that until now a lot of French people visit Ile de Maurice (Island of Mauritius). The photo/s above is one that I took during one of our lunches in the island. We had lovely Creole food at Le Fangourin Restaurant, just next door to the Sugar Museum (L'Adventure du Sucre). I think I should consider this one of the best places to have a meal at. It had great, great views of the mountain. Perfect to try authentic Mauritian cuisine with, enjoying the lovely view. Le Fangourin is approximately 10 kilomtres away from the country's capital city, Port Louis. Should you find yourself visiting the island, this is a MUST TRY!
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