Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hugging you, Hugging Me

Hugs don't have proof that they are therapeutic in nature. However, one who's received or given one can attest that they feel better after hugging.

But really, it would be interesting to find out more about hugs :

  • Who feels better after a hug, the giver or the receiver??
  • Do both parties involved in hugging 'feel' the same thing while hugging? Same warm, nice feeling?
  • Can one 'feel' the difference between a genuine hug, and a 'fake' hug?
  • Are there different types of hugs?
  • What makes people want to hug?

A bit of a HUG QnA:

  • Do you prefer giving/getting a hug? Depends on the situation. If I am just my normal self, I prefer giving HUGS! But if I am down and wanting assurance, I don't mind getting them.
  • What kind of hug do you prefer? I prefer long, bear hugs.
  • Can a hug brighten your day? YES. If it's from hubby.
  • Would you hug a stranger? No.
Let me know if you know the answer :)


Mariuca said...

Hi Marie, I love long bear hugs too! Here's a friendship hug for u! :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

I am a frequent hugger--whether they are returned or not! Yes, it feels great to give and get them and they are incredibly therapeutic.

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