Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jane Austen Book Club

It's been a while since I've blogged about my movies. (Watched, rented, love or hate)

Watched the Jane Austen Book Club on DVD last night and I kinda like it. I don't actually know all the books that Jane Austen wrote, but I am thinking of reading her book "Persuasion", just because I think this is interesting. Well, based on the movie at least.

Put together a bunch of people with different personalities and views, mix them with a common goal, which is to read and discuss Austen's book, you will get the Jane Austen Book Club. Brought together by something, they discuss downright real issues about love, lust, marriage and relationships. Love can lead to marriage. Relationships don't mean there is love. Marriage can be a lasting myriad of everything between love and lust.

The book club met at different venues in the 6 months they agreed to have their book club meetings at, for the 6 books they picked to talk about. They had it at some of their homes, starbucks, the hospital, a formal dinner event, the beach. A nice variety if I may say so.
Overall, the quick pacing of the film will entertain the audience, even though you haven't read any of Jane Austen's book you would still find yourself relating to their topics and constant debates. It could have been a movie that has a lot of talk in it. But, if you catch the flow of it, you would not get bored. I found each character witty, charming and appropriate.

I love how the film is shot at the very end. Simply sweet.

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