Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Heard You Say This ... LIST

I just thought I'd write a few quotable phrases/words that I've heard this past week. Whether it is something nice, rude, naughty, intelligent, boring, sweet, senseless... whatever... I just thought I'd pick the top ones that I find either funny, rude, weird, embarrassing, cute, senseless, smart or whatever... Just something that someone uttered this week. Whether it's uttered by a friend, a stranger, a colleague, a family member, hubby, someone on tv, a client, something from the movie, someone from the street, whatever... It could be said by me..

"Never underestimate the power of a well written letter" - from the movie, Jane Austen Book Club

"I can not stand taking public transport." - a guy from the street

"Can I borrow my Ipong?..." (referring to the Iphone)
"Do you want some Ipods?..." (referring to the yummy Pods).
- from me! Talk about me mixing up my words.


Michael Wong said...

Hi, was wondering if you'd like to exchange links with me?
If yes, please leave your blog url as a comment at:
I'll link to you first, then when you have time link back k?
Thanks, Michael
BTW--I'm michaelwong38 on digg. If ever you want something dugg, just send me a shout anytime.

nicole said...

Yeah - I would take an Ipong :)

And a belated happy birthday to you :)!

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