Sunday, June 8, 2008

What I would probably be doing if I wasn’t a travel agent

I have always thought to myself what I would be doing, if I wasn’t a travel agent. I would most probably be working on a luxury cruise ship! I suppose I really can’t stay away from travel, even if I wanted to. It’s some sort of calling I guess. I could just imagine traveling to different cities or ports, and just living the real professional traveler lifestyle. I would prefer the ship line of work though, rather than a flight attendant job. That’s just me though. I know quite a number of friends who have worked, or are still working on luxury cruise liners. One of them working for Royal Caribbean Cruises, just told me they will be adding to their cruise fleet the ship called Oasis of the Seas. This Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas will start sailing towards late 2009. Like other Royal Caribbean cruise ships, the Oasis of the Seas will be sailing in the Caribbean seas providing excellent service to guests. This new liner will carry up to 5,400 guests onboard, and has so many different dining options to choose from. It even has it’s own Central Park for the guests to enjoy! I just can’t imagine how cool this ship would be, to have it’s own park onboard I guess is a big plus especially for park lovers as myself. It will be just like strolling in a mall downtown in some city. The only difference is that a few steps away I am overlooking the sea. Really, there are so many features that the Oasis of the Seas Cruise ship has to offer. One would be getting the best of all worlds by deciding to cruise with one of the best liners in the world.

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