Thursday, June 5, 2008

First wedding on top of the Harbour Bridge

This week, rain poured nonstop. As I write, it is still raining, the wind howling and raindrops tapping on my window. Pretty much since monday (or was it sunday?), we haven't seen the sun. And I hear it will be so up til the weekend.

The gloomy weather, rainy day did not stop a couple from getting married on top the Harbour Bridge! It was a first in the bridge's history to actually hold an official wedding on the bridge. Scottish tourists, Tierney and Tullan exchanged vows on the 3rd of June. It was something that the lady apparently has always dreamed her wedding to be! This officially marks the harbour bridge opening to such wedding ceremonies. If this was your dream as well, then you should visit BridgeClimb's website for more details. It's not for everyone of course. I know I still want a traditional church wedding one day!

Note: You still get strapped on to secure bolts and chains and make your way up on a harness. And, no wearing of gowns or jewelry on top of the bridge, just the black jumpsuit! Minimalist wedding! Saves you on a lot of things... and, you have a whole city for a witness!


Mummy Sheng said...

wow, that's a nice adventure!

sexy momma said...

oh i love the view on top! but i reckoned i wont be able to climb haha...but such a cute wedding ;-)

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