Friday, November 23, 2007

Shall we??....Dance?

How can I not love this movie? Richard Gere is just amazing... Those eyes... Untiring. To think that he is not that young, but he was able to pull this movie off. Really gracefully. And not just because it was a movie about dancing.

The movie talks about a mature man's journey to rediscovering himself and his passion. In the course of finding himself, he struggles but successfully ignites his love for his wife, and for life. In general.

Sometimes, in the journey of life we find ourself too immersed with the routine of life that we forget to enjoy the companionship of people close to us. This trap particularly catches people who are part of a couple. What is seemingly harmless in nature/goal being quite good even, can lead to something destructive.

The movie showed a really nice relationship (outcome) between husband (Richard Gere) and wife (Susan Sarandon). There was a scene wherein the detective asked Susan Sarandon's character about the essence of a marriage (or something along that line of thought)...And she answered, that it was really about one person committing to the other by being the prime witness to their life. And that no matter what happened, his life would matter to one person (the wife). Each thought, action, word that he says, does, thinks would not go unnoticed by the significant other. How lovely the thought is, to know that at least to one person you mean the world.

The movie also showed the bonding that happened between Richard Gere and J Lo. So much that they were able to create such passionate dance scenes, without having to portray an affair as such. In each of their "love" dance scenes, one could feel the intensity and passion without malice. It made me even love Richard all the more. Having the balls to stand against temptation especially at a crucial time in his life. I just wish this is the case in real life. But, no, only at the movies can you ask someone to dance with you passionately. And yet still keep that healthy distance.


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