Monday, December 17, 2007

Plan that special Valentines getaway with HOLIDAY-RENTALS.CO.UK

Are you a regular holiday planner like me? I checked out ideas on and found heaps of lovely places that I may visit soon!

Christmas is around the corner, and Valentine's day is just a few sleeps away. Before you know it, it's V Day! Why not start planning something NOW. To avoid the last minute rush.

A lot of us would like to spend this V Day with that special someone. Or, even if you don't have that one special someone, you could still organise a big weekend/or extended week away with family or friends. Why not spend it in romantic Italy? A restored charming villa Hold hands, sip wine overlooking the grand Lake Como... Or, take time out and enjoy sunny Carribean? Rent your own villa of love, and bask in the privacy of your own valentines home while relishing that perfect waterfront romance? Better yet, take the whole family to spend some lovely quality time to enjoy the vivacious city of Prague. A city that offers everything from great delicacies to nightlife to old city charm. After a long day, retreat to your own three bedroom apartment centrally located in the bustling city.

Whether any of these appeal to you or not, am sure you will find something to cater to your needs in planning that special Valentines getaway. Visit HOLIDAY RENTALS . Where you can find the best deals on apartments, villas, chateaux and all that will lead to that best holiday ever. Feels so close to home, while enjoying that much needed time away.

Plan NOW, re-live the ROMANCE, sweet sweet LIFE.

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