Thursday, November 15, 2007

How I love thee Parieeh (Paris)

I have attended a presentation on Plaza Athenee a few days ago. We had a sales manager visit us at work to spend about half an hour acquainting and reacquianting ourselves with the love for Paris. The Frenchman/Presenter had this mesmerizing accent that really helped set the mood for a Presentacion de Francois. Oui.

Did you know that the Plaza Athenee courtyard turns into a private ice skating rink every December and January? Such a lovely sight! A lovely time to be in the city of love and lights.

I have also just recently watched again the movie "Devil wears Prada", and it shows of the wonderful Eiffel Suite, which belonged to the dashing gentleman that swept Anne Hathaway for just one blissful night... Simon Baker was the guy who played the role of that seemingly coy writer.

And of course who could forget Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City Paris escapade! Plaza Athenee has got a Sex and the City hotel package! That's what you call collaboration. Both the hotel and the show had mutual benefits by having each other.

Next time you find yourself at the Plaza Athenee during winter, try the private rink, and get on that Eiffel Suite! C'est La Vie!

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