Saturday, November 3, 2007

Chocolat The Movie

Watched Chocolat on friday night, after a very long and crazy day at work where I had no lunch break, and stayed back at work for two hours.. Hmp. When I got home, I played the movie. It was a perfect contrast to my day. The movie suited my mood. Perfect calm and slow paced movie for the evening. Perhaps, if I watched it on any other night, I would have turned it off after five minutes. But, it was perfectly all right that night.

Chocolat the movie, was about a young mom, Vianne opening a Chocolatiere in a small and traditional French town. New as she was, she was frowned upon because she was everything that the local town's people were not. She had a child, and no husband. She does not go to sunday church, and does not practice fasting. Timely, she and her daughter arrived the French town during the lenten season, when everyone in the village was expected to abstain from eating "unnecesarily" or were expected to give up something for lent. It was also believed that having chocolate would awaken the passion within. This posed a challenge for the villagers, as they passed the Chocolatiere quite often. In the beginning, a lot of the villagers would resist the temptation because they fear that it will be an unacceptable behaviour. The persistence of the lady chocolatier to be able to reach out to the townspeople's desire, instinct and truth would succeed in the end.

The movie is about unleashing the one's passion and inner truth. The inner truth which was not always the most acceptable thing in society. The truth that would allow one to think for oneself, and realise the need to just let go, and do what they know is right for them.

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