Monday, November 19, 2007

Thinking Me

Can I just say that I love to ponder about things. Things to do, things not to do. I like to make plans. I like to think about places that I want to visit. I want to think about the past, what I have done. And think about what I want to do tomorrow and plan for the future. I want to think about you. Think about me. Think about us, or the us that never was. I like to just think about politics, the world around us, the events that happen every day. Think about the environment and how I wish the future world would look like. Think about what to have for dinner later, or breakfast tomorrow, or lunch on Saturday. I want to think about how quick time passes. What is now. Has actually passed. Just now.

Think about that. Sometimes thinking so much will make you want not to think about anything at all. And just keep silent. Stare. Pretend to think. Or, maybe think about what YOU are thinking.

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