Saturday, November 3, 2007

Shadows in the Sun

There's something about the movie, I cannot point my finger at it. Could be the romantic setting that's in Italy. Or,could be Joshua Jackson? This is one movie that's slow paced, for a calm evening.

Throughout the movie, you can hear yourself think, and just take in the story. Quite a simple story. Boy searches for old man. Meets old man's daughter. Falls in love. Conflict with old man. Peace with old man. Conflict with the lady. Peace with the lady. Happy ending.

Amidst the seemingly simple story line, one can relate. Be it because of the longing to be in a nice and serene place. Or, looking for something and finding oneself. Along the way, we meet persons in life that touch us and make a difference. People we engage good deep meaningful conversations with. And we will never be the same person we were before that fateful day.

Sometimes the person that motivates us, can be that one person that can discourage us as well.

And, vice versa.

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