Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hotels Galore! Love relationship with the INTERNET!

I just love surfing the net for hotels! Not that I would actually push through with booking one. But who knows!?! The right price, the right time and it could be mine! I just get really excited seeing different rates, comparing endlessly searching for really uber uber cheap room rates. PLUS, the lovely pictures just take me to a whole new world...

My top two websites are WOTIF and LASTMINUTE. But, really anything that I come across would get for as long as its got a hotel name/hotel picture/price, would get at least a 1minute view from me.

The power of the net! One can plan a whole lifetime of trips in just a few clicks! One can almost travel, feel the wind and taste the sunshine without leaving one's chair. This would have been unthinkable centuries ago. And now, it is reality.... Hotel heaven... I guess I have to go back searching for more deals!

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