Friday, August 29, 2008

Speaking of a gift

Okay, recently I have been obssessing on taking photos with my camera. No, I don't have new lens, or some other new thing (not counting that my boyfriend bought us matching camera necklaces/straps). Must just be the increasingly better weather. Slowly we are saying goodbye to winter, and in a week's time we would be entering Spring time! How exciting!

I have been posting my photos on my other sites, and am encouraged by the number of people commenting and viewing them. I am now thinking of coming up with gifts for Christmas and considering putting all my really nice photos (favorite ones) in a digital picture frame to give to my parents and my boyfriends' parents. His dad absolutely loves photos as much as we do, so I am sure he will like this. We may even think of giving them these ones on our wedding day as our personal souvenir to them. It is amazing whoever came up with this thing!

digital picture frame

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