Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weighing Scale Options

Okay, it's not always about dieting and finding the most effective diet pills around. Sometimes the things that you weigh are unseen. This is harder as the facts are unclear. It's not in your face how much kilos one's gained, but really it's about weighing advantages and disadvantages.

Life can sometimes give us too many doors to choose from. And one door is so similar to the next one that it can get confusing and complicated. No matter how simple we try to approach decision making. They say go with your gut feel, but then one shouldn't be impulsive. Of course, it depends on how important the decision is. That's the thing. How long are you supposed to think about it before you say to yourself, time is up, I have to decide.

I guess if either decision will not paralyse you then whichever you choose can only make you a better person. Okay, okay, I should be saying this to myself.

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