Friday, August 8, 2008

Baby dreams

Okay, my parents have been pushing me to get married soon, as they are wanting to have grandchildren from me as soon as possible. They think I am getting too old, but really they are just itching to be grandparents wanting to spoil my babies with cute baby dresses, baby pushchairs, little toys, etc. I have told them I’m giving myself about maximum two years to prepare for a child. I also have dreams of being a mum and pushing my baby in a pram (or playing with baby in a pushchair). Really nowadays though, having a baby, in the Western world requires one parent to fully take care of the baby. There are no household helpers here, no grandparents to leave with (I am working to hopefully get my parents to live here). I know of couples who work in shifts, just so that someone will be left at home with the kids. The wife works during the day, while the husband works the graveyard shift at night. Tough times really call for these situations, and although it is not ideal, it works for some. I am hoping to be a stay at home wife and mum one of these days, after we get married. It is just going to be so much better I am hoping. Imagining that I will get to attend to things that matter, be able to put more attention to home details, etc, will hopefully be the way to go. As early as now I am doing my research about working from home. A big step it will be, but I am just praying that it would be the right decision.

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CyberCelt said...

Do not let anyone force you into having a child before you are ready.

Thank you for advertising on my blog with EC.

It may be my old eyes, but I find the light grey type on the white page almost impossible to read. I use FireFox.

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