Monday, August 18, 2008

To study or To study

I’ve never really talked about me opting to pursue distance learning courses on tourism. Initially, I wanted to be able to continue with my then work and study at the same time. I did not really get the chance to pursue that option because something else was presented to me thereafter. A friend and colleague is actually currently doing an online intensive course and she is just raving about it. She says that she still has time to do other things on the side, while pursuing her studies. It is very practical and convenient, especially since a single mother this method is very preferred by her.

There are a number of advantages in pursuing distance learning. One of the main concerns of student wannabes is the lack of time to physically go to a regular lecture. With distance learning, courses are available to everyone. Age or time constraint is not a limitation for as long as one can complete requirements of the course. It is quite a good opportunity that technology has brought forward to modern society. Interesting if I may say so. Ages ago learning outside the classroom was unthinkable!


Constance Chan said...

hi Marie, missing you some. hope you're alright.

Anonymous said...

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