Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rising costs

Today I am finding it difficult to put my thoughts into words, for some reason. Whatever I am thinking just does not come out in words the way I want it to. It could very well be my current state. I guess it must be because of the many things running through my mind. That can happen to one person, when thinking about cash advance payday loan for example and the current rising market prices. I think I am still a bit quite lucky though, as I’ve spoken to a friend in Manila, and she’s mentioned about the rising prices of general commodities back home, such as oil, rice and other things. Everything is just getting to be too expensive. Expensive enough that even high income earners are feeling this big slump in the economy. It is a worldwide thing, but it is even more of a concern for the less fortunate from third world countries. Times are getting to be really hard. It is hitting even the first world countries, and careful measures about planning, forecasting, and the like should be thoroughly studied. This is what globalization means, that whatever is happening to the other side of the world, one is rest assured that the other side feels the effects as well (good or bad)

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McAlpine said...

love your blog. It's so nicely put together and clean.

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