Thursday, September 4, 2008

How annoying are these calls?

How many times do we get bugged by pranksters or annoying phone calls from telemarketers of some sort? I am glad to have come across this website that lists a number of phone numbers to watch out for. I am sure I am not alone in experiencing these time wasting calls. On the average I would get one call in six to eight weeks. I know that some of my colleagues and friends get them as well about this often. It can really get to you especially when they are those ones who insist that you talk them. Once, I hung up on this man who was pestering me to unsubscribe from this cable network when I told him that we don’t even have any cable network installed at home! As if he knew better than me about what I have and have not signed up for! I just really wish they would all stop. I know for some companies they think this is an effective method, but really they are just simply a waste of our and their time.

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