Monday, December 12, 2011

All Christmassy

I'm so glad I have a few family members here with me at this time of the year! It will be their first Christmas away from Manila and initially we had a discussion whether to spend Christmas Eve dinner at a hotel near our place. We opted to just celebrate at home and invite a few other people. So now my sister and I are busy preparing the Christmas dinner menu! We've got about 3 appetizers, 12 main dishes(!) and 5 desserts. Not bad for a dinner of 15 people. :) We've been shopping everyday for little things and trinkets... tinsels, candy canes, tissue holders, tablecloths, etc. We're even figuring out where to place the food, which table to use for the desserts, the music to play.... The list goes on and on..

Oh, to think we are going out of town soon thereafter!! That's another thing to be excited about. My little family's last out of town was... last year! Same time, Christmas. And I just have been itching to leave town. I just hope that it won't be raining. In the past month we've had at least 20 days of rain. :X Oh well I'm sure rain or shine we'd be having a blaaaaaaaaast! So excited and loving Christmastime!

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