Monday, December 12, 2011

Mobile phones and Me

I for one am a self confessed un-"techie" person. Unlike my husband who is always on top of the newest gadget in town, whether through research or having on hand the newest phone or whatnot. In my lifetime I've only probably owned 3 phones wherein I was the first owner. I would not change my phone ever if I had my way. However hubby nags me about these things when he sees how old my phone has become, or when I ogle at the new Iphone but never plan to change it.

My current phone is an Iphone 3GS model, which replaced my lost Iphone 2GS model. It is still quite serving it's purpose albeit the old, haggard look with matching screen scratches. Hubby was trying to convince me to get the new Blackberry since I use my phone for work (check emails, take calls, etc.). But since being introduced to the Apple range of mobile phone products, I have loved the brand and how it works. The last time I felt this way was with my Nokia phone which I loved for half a decade! Though, since I've found a website which has a lot of great deals, I might snag myself a new phone and use these Apple coupons Apple coupons which I have come across. Perhaps 3 years with my current phone is enough?

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