Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quiet celebration

Welcoming this new year quietly was not something we've planned on doing, but it just fell into place. After all these years that we've lived in Sydney we were either in the city or at a friend's place watching the fireworks live, or at our place watching the fireworks from our balcony.

Last night we celebrated quietly. And, I actually enjoyed it. We planned on cooking a nice, scrumptious dinner. However, we had a super late lunch at 5PM. So, we ended up having a quick dinner at 10PM with the little girl with us. Just leftovers from our big NYE lunch. With the mud cake to cap it all off. Then we watched the fireworks on telly. Ahhh, relaxed life.

I am one who usually would love to have people over for a celebration, or organise something at a restaurant. I surprised myself by not itching to have people at our place. (Well, well, we had a big Christmas eve last week anyway!!).

Sometimes, these quiet celebrations mean much more than a loud one. Occasionally we need to have this rest, so we can enjoy our louder celebrations later on. I'm sure next year when the little one is almost three years old, we would celebrate it loudly. For now, let's enjoy the peace.

Happy new year's everyone! I hope everyone celebrated the way they want to... safely and in the presence of the ones that matter most in your life.

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