Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cityscope: Hilton Head South Carolina

In planning to start a family, I've always taken into consideration the area that my family and I would be living in. Or even the places that we will intend to visit. I've come across Hilton Head South Carolina, where they offer a variety of activities and places to visit. The island town's atmosphere and environment is relaxed and laid back enough for the kids and adults to enjoy. It is safe enough for parents to allow their children to engage in fun activities such as skating, swimming, surfing, kayaking, tennis and golf. At Hilton Head, there are even dolphin tours, face painting, and fireworks that the entire family would be able to enjoy.

I've always enjoyed biking, as a child, and even now that I'm older I have rekindled my love affair with biking. Especially now that I live in a city that loves outdoors, biking has been an option to travel to and from work, but maybe I am not a city biker. Hilton Head SC offers great bike trails that suits everyone whether you are a beginner or an advanced biker. One of the many things they boast of are their public national parks. Researching about this destination excites my travel palate as I can visualise the lifestyle is very much family oriented and showcases a love for outdoor activities. I can't wait to visit this place!

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