Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm dreaming Hayman Island

One of the most popular beach destinations that my Aussie clients ask for, enquire about, and eventually travel to, is called Hayman Island. It is such a private destination for people who want to enjoy but at the same time value their privacy. Hayman Island allows guests to enjoy a unique island experience, having the prime spot right on the Great Barrier Reef, everything in this island resort is refreshing. Cool and relaxing, the resort has 212 room options with choices from the standard rooms to suites to villas.

For the gourmet traveller, Hayman Island's dining options are exquisite and only the best chefs create the menus and cook up interesting meal events to remember.

And for those who are even more wanting a wholistic mind and body experience, the resort is part of the luxury spa network Guerlain Spa Chakra alliance. Tailor made spa treatment programs designed to ease those tense muscles from city life, Hayman Island only thinks of the best for their guests. Imagine feeling so special and pampered on this island. Heaven!

Hayman Island is also open to doing wedding events. This experience allows you to be part of the special memories that Hayman Island creates. Otherwise, the island resort creates a perfect backdrop to that memorable honeymoon.

To reach Hayman Island, one can travel by plane to Hamilton Island or through Proserpine. Should you wish to arrive in style, sea plane transfers are available into the island as well.

However way you decide to arrive into Hayman, everyone surely leaves in the same way : wanting to come back to paradise.
I'd love to be able to travel to Hayman Island one day. I've done Fraser Island, and I'm doing Moreton Island next month. I'd truly aim to visit all the island on the East Coast of Australia. Hayman Island would definitely be on the top end of my list!

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