Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gadgets and the Human Race

Modern world is so much about innovation, new ways of making life easier or making the world a high tech place to live in. Imagine a world without television, without a mobile phone, without computers. All these and more make our lives more interesting. We have more topics to talk about in our daily conversations. Yet, there is a limit to what technology can do, there are really cool inventions out there. A company called GTX Corp have added a dimension to technology by coming up with a live tracking GPS. This can be tracked online and offers a whole lot more of options for people who are truly looking for something they have lost. Be it a loved one, a beloved pet or a car! This poses a possibility of abuse, just like any new technology which is susceptible to being taken advantage of. In the end I guess when ordinary people can't appreciate what these technology can provide, that's when danger lurks. Realistically speaking, society is coming up with all these new technology, but are we ready and responsible enough to make use of gadgets as this? I think to some extent yes. It's really about personal accountability. And, to keep in mind always the golden rule : Do not do do others what you don't want done to yourself. If you lose something. You don't want some other people fiddling around trying to track your personal belonging. It goes both ways of course.

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