Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Photographs and Memories

Such a wonderful manmade creation, the digital camera. Mine is a 40D Canon camera and loving it. I am so not a techie person, but who knows one day I will be able to use it properly, as in with all the technicalities of it: aperture, ISO, exposure, white balance, shutter speed. So far I am just testing them, not really knowing how to accurately and efficiently use my 40D yet. I'm being teased that I should have just stuck with my Cybershot. But then, I just wanted to take nice photos.

Imagine the olden days when people did not even have cameras to capture photos. How amazing, what technology and time can do. Then there were black and white photos on film. Then the coloured photos. Then the basic digital cameras. And then there was light. Endless possibilities to come up with a good, artistic or crisp photograph. Tomorrow we are going out of town. I am hoping to be able to use my camera again to take photos for the record. My memory, that is.

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