Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do you believe in long distance relationships?

I have been in a long distance relationship at least five times in my entire life. It just seemed to have dropped on my lap, one after the other! Talk about attracting a particular circumstance over and over again. Having gone through this Long Distance Relationship (or LDR as they call it) made me realise how important communication is in a relationship. It is hard enough to be living in the same city and not having enough quality time to talk, what more for couples who are separated by the ocean and affected by different time zones.

When I moved to Sydney and left my longtime beau, I immediately mastered the art of buying an international phone card. I knew which phone card company offered the best rates, and to which city. Some even had great specials such as better night rates, or additional minutes for higher dollar credit bought. I can remember buying so much phone cards over a span of two years. Most of these cards are actually still kept tucked in my memorabilia box. I opened them recently when I was reminiscing old times, and found out I spent close to 2 grand worth of phone cards. Expensive I know, but at that point in time, I needed it. I needed to call home to speak with family or my loved one to keep my sanity and to keep me from being too homesick.

Hubby followed me here and I don't think we would have made it if we've lost touch during the years that we were apart. Long distance relationships work but only when both parties work towards a goal, and there is a compromise to be together again one day. I've said how much I've spent on phone cards, but that's just my side of the story! Talk to hubby and he'll tell you his share of call expenses as well. All in the name of love, couples would do everything and all effort to keep communication going. And only then can an LDR work.


Lulu said...

I was in a long distance relationship for 10 months when I went back to Australia to finish my degree while my boyfriend stayed in Japan. I moved back to Japan after finishing uni....

We met when I was on exchange in Japan and had only been dating 2 months when I left to go back to Australia. When we met we had no intention of keeping the relationship going when I went home but by the time I left we realized we needed to give it a try.

That was 3 and a half years ago....we are now engaged and getting married in May 2009!

Long Distance Relationships do work! You are right though, if there is no communication it is screwed! I understand the importance of communication too because my fiance and I communicate in Japanese, my second language, making communication difficult at time....Luckily my Japanese has gotten a lot better with time! hehe!

Gorgeous Traveller said...

Wow, 12 months to go before your big day :) All the best in planning! Have fun! :) Are you getting married in Japan or here in Au?

Helen said...

Hi Marie!

I used your opinion for my post: Long Distance Relationships. I hope you don't mind that.

Thank you!
Best Regards,

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