Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pororoca Wave Phenomenon

Pororoca - Undoubtedly the longest wave on earth!

Whether or not you are a Surf enthusiast, this amazing view will surely leave you breathless. I have come across this Wave just last October when I was in Canberra, watching Discovery Channel. It was a sight to behold, and til then I never knew something of its kind existed. Call me ignorant!

I have tried to search for photos to show, but none would justify it's grandeur. Let me just tell you a few amazing facts about this, and you do your own photo research!

It is an Amazonian wave (or a tidal bore, when it happens elsewhere)

The incoming tide forms a wave that travels against the direction of the current.

Can go as high as 4 metres, travelling up to 13 kilometres upstream the Amazon River.

It comes from the indigenous Tupi Language, which translates to 'great destructive noise', but for some they just refer to it as 'the monster'.

It is very popular with Surfers, and there even is a world competition to ride this amazing wave! Picuruta Salazar, holds this record as of the moment...(click link to see photo of Pocoroca)

This phenomenon happens once a day, once a night, for three days in February/March, when the rain and full moon raises high tide where the Amazon river empties onto the Atlantic.

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