Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Late Post on 2007 - Alphabetical Review

Just random words that made 2007 for me, using the Alphabet. At least most letters :)

A - American Express, Airbus A380
B - Beach
C - Canberra, Christmas Holiday, Canon 40D
D - Darwin
E - Emails
F - Fraser Island, Family, Floriade
G - Goulburn Street
H - Hardwork
I - Indonesian friend, Ice cream
J - Jars of clay (or ice cream)
K - Kitten dreams
L - Lonely nights
M - Manila, Movie Marathon
N - New department
O - Overtime
P - Prayer, Palm Beach
Q - Qantas
R - Residency
S - Super long annual leave (5weeks), Singapore
T - Tootache, The Lake House
U - Umbrella
V - Vacation
W - Winter chill
X - Xtra kilos!
Y - Yellow light
Z - Zzzspecial year!

1 comment:

pen said...

thanks for the drop-by in janep.org! Hey you've travelled to Manila and Singapore? How'd you find them?

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