Friday, January 4, 2008

Home is where you find that you are true to yourself

Happy 2008!!

May this year bring us ...

Good Health! Wealth! and most importantly Peace of mind, heart and spirit!

2007 has brought so much struggles, and for sure 2008 will do so as well. But really, this new year should bring us hope, that things will get better. Whatever mistakes or avoidable misfortunes that we have encountered, this new year allows us to be hopeful that we have the capacity to strive to be better. As a person, as a child, as a sibling, as a friend, as a worker, as a lover. As anything and everything that we are.

I am back home now. Although I have gone back to my homeland this holiday, I feel I have changed and realised that where I really am now is where I belong. I may have changed over the years for me to be able to say this. But I am just being true to myself.

I have come to appreciate my roots, no doubt, I will be constantly shuttling back and forth. Regularly. If not as often. But at the end of my journey, I know that I live far away now. I live here. And, I am building my home in this city. This city's been cruel to me in the beginning, but perhaps it was just preparing me and sifting that sand in me for me to realise something for myself. Maybe, this feeling is a passing thing. But only time will tell. Perhaps, it is time to say that I have committed myself to not just one home in my lifetime. But, two. I am at home in Sydney, as I have called Manila home.

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