Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Marquis jet card

No, this isn't my house.. It's the interior of own of my private jet! Haha! I wish! Well, Haven't you always wanted your very own private jet? Go to any city you please, at the snap of your fingers. Have a Pilot take you to your dream world, and take a few friends with you even!

All this possible by having just one plastic card. You Marquis Jet Card can move you to your mountain of choice. With exclusive access to a fleet of over 690 aircrafts, am sure one will tickle your fancy. It will be available for you, at any time of the day (or night), all the days of the year. How cool is that? I cannot put enough emphasis on this luxurious delight. If travelling business or first class does not satisfy you, I am positive the Marquis Jet will. If they don't, then nothing will.

Top security aviation is what they're known for, and of course just the best in service excellence.

That is the Life! I would absolutely love to taste this bit of heaven... If only I can save a few more million dollars. Or, maybe, I could just apply to be part of their cabin crew!! At least, I will be riding on the Marquis Jet!

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