Thursday, March 9, 2017

Oh, Aurora!

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One day I wish I could experience the Northern Lights. Where else would be a better place than to see it from Iceland! If one is into nature, and is happy to immerse themselves in endless space, boundless skies, unlimited grounds - then the newly listed Virtuoso property, Hotel Ranga is the best choice. Stargazing, fishing, and visit to various attractions such as : hot springs, cultural villages, nature reserves, waterfalls, black sand beaches, etc are only a few of the places that one could explore from Hotel Ranga. I am particularly excited about the option of stargazing while on the hotel's hot tub! I just wish the weather would be kind! Ok, that and of course the fresh salmon dishes served at the property's restaurant!

Hotel Rangá
851 Hella
Phone number:  +354 487 5700

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