Saturday, October 9, 2010

Missing my grams

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My grandma is not as mobile as she used to be, and as much as I wish I could be there to wheel her around the mall or even just keep her company every so often, I can’t. I am glad though that she has a caregiver with her to assist her with all her needs. I know how tough and challenging it can be to work as a caregiver since I have close friends in Sydney who works as one. They tell me that sometimes there are issues with the equipments they use on their patients which just makes their job more difficult because of faulty fittings, etc. An NMEDA qualified dealer would have been able to assist, since they are able to conduct on-site assessment to custom fit motor vehicles to suit individual needs. Come to think of it, everyone would need certain things which other people may not have a need for. This goes the same for the equipments and vehicles used by disabled people.
Perhaps if my grandma was slightly younger and stronger, she would have been able to benefit from NMEDA dealers’ assistance on her car requirements that way she can visit the shopping center more often! Okay, now I really wish I was back in Manila!

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