Sunday, July 11, 2010

The gift

My husband’s birthday just came up and I totally forgot to give him a present. I told myself that I’d give him a late birthday present that would really take him aback. He recently got himself a new car that I too am enjoying. I decided that I wanted to give him something that would tie up with that purchase. He’s recently been sprucing his car with this and that so I think I will then just stick to that. Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking for what gift to actually give him and finally found what he actually might really enjoy. Car accessories are really the way to a man’s heart. The bigger they are, the better. I’m currently stuck in a rut though choosing among the variety of custom wheels and rims there are available. I really have no idea what they’re all about, but heck, I’m not the one who I’m trying to please, right? If I were to choose though, I’d get the yellow ones just because they’re cute, and yellow is a happy color.

I’m sure that I’d end up just letting him choose among the many kinds that they have. And I am pretty sure my husband will forgive me for forgetting to give him a present, because this one rocks!

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